We’ve been asked before what happens during a windshield replacement call, so we wanted to take a minute to truly jot down everything involved so that when one of our certified technicians come and service your vehicle – you will know exactly what to expect.

Below are the steps involved in windshield installation:

  1. Our K&K Glass Technician will give you a call the morning of your service appointment to confirm their arrival. Please have your phone turned on and be ready for their call.
  2. When the Technician arrives, they will perform a few inspections. They will inspect the old windshield and review the current crack and damage.
  3. After our K&K Glass Technician removes the old windshield glass, they begin prepping the vehicle for a windshield replacement.
  4. Our technician will then apply an appropriate bead of urethane to the pinchweld of the vehicle.
  5. They will install the new windshield into place, positioning it to the correct height. The glass is adjusted until it is aligned perfectly. Retention tape is applied to hold the glass in place temporarily.
  6. At this point, our K&K Glass Technician reinstalls your wiper blades and molding on the vehicle. He/She will also test the rain sensors (if your vehicle has them) and will make sure the wipers are aligned and that nothing is obstructing the windshield washer nozzle.
  7. The window installation is now finished and the Technician will assure you that your vehicle will be safe to drive within a half hour. They will also discuss the K&K Glass warranty on your windshield.

Windshield installation is a process that involves the physical handling of large windshields, expertise in applying urethanes and an understanding of the structures of different types of vehicles.

When you make a decision to replace your windshield, we hope that you choose us. K&K Glass uses superior quality adhesives and glass products to make sure your vehicle’s windshield is not only durable, but is also quick, safe, and a perfect fit.